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CALLING all believers in business!

Are you an author, service provider, T-shirt brand or just new in business and ready to use social media to launch or grow! I am honored you chose to invest in yourself and potentially work with me.

An effective content creation strategy is crucial. It will allow you to build an engaged community and position you to drive sales. During this 90-minute call, we will craft a 30-day content creation plan for Instagram based on your brand's story and your target audience.

  • 30 minutes dedicated to crafting, or refining your brand story that attracts an engage community. We cannot effectively create content without FIRST establishing WHO we are talking to and WHY your content matters to them. 
  • 30 minutes dedicated to drafting CONCEPTS for 30 Instagram posts, 30 captions and 30 effective hashtags.
  • 30 minutes dedicated to scheduling for automation so that your consistency builds trust with your audience.

Let me help you overcome overwhelm, free up your time by providing automation tools SO THAT your valuable time is allocated for nurturing your tribe and making schmoney. 

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Disclaimer: It is my pleasure to serve you, however I can only present the strategy. You have to do the work and wait for the work to manifest into your desires results. No refunds are given. If you are unavailable within ten minutes of my call, you forfeit your call with no refund. This consultation is based on my experience. Do not take the information as legal or accounting counsel.