WHAT UP, I’M RICKETTE: The creative in chief of My Business His Glory!

My mission is simple:

Creating designs that empower dope Believers to declare their faith and what matters most to them


  • Teach and encourages, believers, specifically Christian entrepreneurs:
  • Prioritize meaningful time with The Lord 
  • Renew their mind
  • Remind themselves who they are in Christ
  • Guard their hearts from ALL THINGS that do not belong there.
  • Develop the mind of Christ that positions you to be successful believers in business. 

 Things You'd Learn About Me ( If I Let You in My Introverted World )

1. INFJ nerd, which means I'm somewhere dreaming, reading Psychology / self discovery books and enjoying my solitude.

2. Currently living in the Book of Psalm.

3. I follow an INAPPROPRIATE amount of celebrity pets on the 'gram.

4. Six inch heels belong in the fiery pits of hell. 

5. Currently has 74 open tabs in Safari.

6. Can't wait to meet D-Nice, Dave Ramsey, Larry David, Bobby Flay and Gary Vaynerchuk.

7. Youtube > TV

8. If your potato salad is white, email me your mailing address. I just wanna talk.

9.  Although my shop is temporarily closed, my “current” favorite item is Who God Says I Am T-Shirt.

10. My super power is active listening & understanding.