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Devotional: The Five Areas of Discipline

Posted by Rickette Williams on

"Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. So they do it to obtain a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable."
-1 Corinthians 9:25 

What up! I hope you're having a dope day. Aigh boom, let's get into a little story time.

I was always an honor student. That was, up until your girl became a freshman in college.
(Shout out to Temple University.)
Getting good grades was always easy for me until I met my match:

So you mean to me, that I now have THE OPTION to go to class or chill in my room all day??!!
Imma choose chill in my room ALL ZAAYYYY and gain that freshman 15, or was it 20, for $500 ALEX!! 


UGH, it is so not sexy but it really is A KEY to UNLOCKING all that we want in business and LIFE.
And although we may have lived in homes where discipline was normal, many of us were not WILLING participants, Amen?
So therefore, because we were (cough) forced and WERE NOT ACTIVE participants, cultivating this life skill, is hard HARD.
So now that we are in the ghetto, aka, adulthood, we have to build this muscle IN REAL TIME.

Over on Instagram (click to follow), I share the importance of discipline in building a profitable business. Pero, the gag is, we need to develop discipline in so many other areas.

Is there any aspect of your life, where you can say, discipline is straight up thriving? (not to be confused with perfection in that area).
I don't really rock with those "5 Things Every Millionaire Does In The Morning" lists because these lists fail to disclose how much hired help they have to CONVENIENTLY spend 3 hours speaking and praying in tongues, working out for 2 hours and drinking a gallon of water. One thing that I have adopted is making my bed everyday. I o know how the science is sciencing, but it helps to shift me from, I want to stay here all day, to okay, I guess I'll be productive or whatever.

Here are some areas to be disciplined:

Emotionally: Are you self-aware? Do you guard your heart, according to Proverbs 4:23? Have you mastered or begun the journey of controlling your emotions, instead of allowing them to rule you? 

Mentally: Are you meticulous about having a thriving thought life? Can you recognize the lies of the enemy? Do you take thoughts captive? Are your thoughts true?

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Relationally: Do you prioritize your spouse if you are married? Do you MAKE time to check-in on those who matter most to you?

Financially: Do you live and spend within financial boundaries?

Spiritually: Have you determined, no matter what, to sit at God's feet? To grow in your power and authority? Are you rock solid secure in who He says you are? Chile, doing life with God is a never ending journey of discovery! (This "list" is not to be confused with legalism or thinking you need to DO in order to be loved by God)

Physically: Eating, resting, drinking (water that is), moving WELL is where it's at. Start where you're at and build from there. 

Self-care: Do you put YOURSELF on that to-do list? Make it a focus to build a habit of "you time", whatever that may look like. 

So shout out to discipline being the conduit to thriving in all areas of our lives. Ay yo, here is some homework for you. Like I said earlier: discipline it is so not sexy but it really is A KEY to UNLOCKING all that we want in business and LIFE. A helpful tip to discipline our discipline is to consider the prize OBTAINED from this journey. 

Leave a comment and let me know:
What is the reward in having discipline in these areas? What would your life look like if you developed discipline here?


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