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Cute under this

Cute under this

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DISCLAIMER and details concerning our FABRIC face coverings:

Our face covers are not meant to replace the surgical face mask. These are non surgical medical masks that have not been FDA approved.

We make no medical claim with regards to their usage.


In light of COVID-19, and due to safely producing your declarations, typical production time is now between 15-20 business days POST ORDER. Once out of production, please allow ADDITIONAL time FOR SHIPPING. Please expect a shipping email to track your declaration ONCE YOUR DECLARATION has been produced and out for shipping.

*Fabric: 100% Cotton

*Does NOT contain a slot for a filter.

*Hand wash in cold water. No bleach or bleach alternatives.

*Measurements when laid down flat to print:  4.25" tall x 8" wide

**Due to the very personal nature of this product, we do not accept any returns.