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Calling all side hustlers and aspiring entrepreneurs!

Starting a business is hard and especially while working a 9-5. There is no exact blueprint to becoming an entrepreneur and as a result of, mistakes are bound to occur. There are just SO MANY investments to make but who is to say that you will have a return? Avoid costly mistakes. Avoid spending hours hustling backwards. Avoid wasting money on things that don't matter immediately. 

This concise, no-fluff, handbook provides the fundamentals, post idea, needed to launch a successful business. 

No million page business plan.

No expensive website.

No logo or branding necessary.

Are those things important? Yes! Are they crucial to being/starting a business? No! I'm here to REMOVE all barriers that they make you think is absolutely REQUIRED to get started in business and as a result keeps you:



Dishing out money. (you don't have)

Have the tools and strategies to lay a solid foundation that will help your new business thrive. Download today!

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