How To Not Hate Mondays

Ugh, another case of the Monday Blues where you dragged yourself into the office. You know those feelings of dread, anxiety and regret. We spend week after week dreading this day, as if we are unaware it will come around quicker than we know. Listen I get it, Mondays kind of represent the end of our fun life and the beginning of adulting, pointless emails, horrible bosses and endless responsibilities. There is one thing about receiving tips from folks who are out here living the dream. It's easier for you to spend an hour meditating before work when you have the freedom to do so sis. However, there is another to receive insight from someone IN THE TRENCHES with you. Here’s a few practical hacks to help begin the process of shifting your mindsets and appreciating every day of the week, even Monday. 

1. Be Thankful

Every day is a gift. Even as an entrepreneur, there are no perfect days. A thankful mindset says I will be content regardless of what life looks like. My happiness is not predicated by what I have, do and experience. Difficult, yes. Choosing to change your perspective takes dedication and time. It’s no wonder that most successful entrepreneurs discipline themselves to practice some sort of thankfulness. Maybe that looks like spending 5-10 minutes writing or thinking of 3 things you can be grateful for. 

2. Create a Morning Ritual

If routine to you sounds unrealistic because you have children and you barely make it out the door, just hear me out. What I want you to consider is what you’ll gain when you intentionally set time for yourself before responsibility consumes your day. Starting out, if all you have is 30 minutes, be proactive and intentional with your morning. Create a realistic and attainable morning routine, that you can commit to.

3. Have Something To Be Excited For

Aside from creating a realistic morning routine, Maybe that's a dope playlist or even a new outfit or accessory. Or even that extra Grande espresso drink with a mountaintop of whip cream. Load up some tunes, grab an amazing outfit, wear that new lipstick.

4. Guard Your Weekend

It's Smonday again. You know, the time on Sunday evening when you anxiously start counting down how many hours are left until you are back in the office. So how do we stop this cloud from forming during our glorious weekends? Start preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for Monday come Sunday night. I'm all for staying present, however I believe if you are a consistent Monday complainer, this will help create that mental buffer. That includes proper rest, some sort of self care routine and a quality

5. Do Something About It

If you can identify the source of your grievances, then you can have a plan of attack to combat. For most of us, we have no problems with Mondays, it’s that job we have so much disdain for. The real tea is to create the life where Mondays are just another day you slay. What is that dream you've talked yourself out of pursuing? Grab a notebook, get to Uncle Google and Auntie Youtube and begin to research that idea you've told yourself will not work and plan to create the life you deserve. 

Stop misusing Mondays and learn to maximize, as a gift, by courageously changing your mindset. Mondays can represent such a sense of possibilities. For all of us still working for someone else, how do you champion Monday Blues?