5 Business Resolutions For New Entrepreneurs

January represents such a refresh for most of us and that is why I wanted to help you with a few things to consider for your business for this new year. Whatever is working well for you, be sure to double down on that. If you're looking for some new perspectives or tips, then this list of 5 Business Resolutions is for you. 

I Will "Fail" Quickly

As a new business owner you are constantly faced with the fear of failure. As a result, you may find yourself crippled and stuck with inaction. As a new business owner and side hustler, as we develop our rhythm of what works, we have to learn how to pivot quickly so that we can move on to what does work. Don’t invest a lot of energy into trying to make the unworkable workable. Master the cycle of changing and testing. 

I Will Think Like Walmart

Walmart, Amazon, Zappos are well oiled machines that are very self sufficient. One factor is that they have developed systems and know what works and what does not work. If you're just starting out in your business, you are most likely working hard and not primarily wisely all the time. Until you find your sweet spot, you constantly throwing stuff on the wall and seeing what actually sticks. Meaning you are trying strategy after strategy that some expert recommended and hoping it will yield similar results. This is not shade, it is just my observation because I am there with you. What area in your business can you automate? How can you manage your business finances and not mix with your personal? How can you master your customer experience journey? The ultimate goal is to implement processes and solutions that can free up more of my schedule so I have time to work on scaling and growing our business, not just maintaining.

I Will Collaborate

You've seen the hashtag #collaborationovercompetition and I firmly ascribe to that. Don't fall victim to the scarcity and fear mindset that says I cannot make strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Keyword, strategic. Practically speaking how can your product or service help serve someone's audience and vice versa. For example: if you an event planner, consider partnering with someone who specializes in brand sponsorship. You can help their audience plan events and they can help your audience secure sponsorship. Some experts suggest partnering with others with a similar audience sizes, but I don't completely agree. If your collab makes sense, it makes sense regardless of your audience size. Just be sure to build authentic relationships and be clear on your ask.

I Will Serve More

I know how frustrating it can be to pour out, create and receive no immediate results, or results you were anticipating. Try shifting your perspective to give more. It may be tempting to consume more so that you can grow, however I want you to reach out to someone who has less knowledge/experience than you and offer to help them. I believe that when you pour into others, the gratitude you gain is invaluable currency. Be committed to providing value to others whether in a Facebook group, an Instagram post or in a small peer mastermind. 

I Will Create A Routine

Work/life balance will only exist when you prioritize it. Structure is crucial to a successful business owner and you develop that be creating a routine. Just like you create systems that automate, setting up a daily routine will give you the room to work harder, smarter and creatively. Break your day down, loosely. Determine how many hours a day you want to work and commit to that. Be intentional about your day 

These are the 5 strategies and mindsets I'm looking to adapt for this new year. Let me know what are your business resolutions?